A benefit for Nebraska health and health-related service licensees, certificate holders and registrants.

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Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program

You or someone you know may be a Nebraska health service professional impacted by alcohol or drug abuse. If abuse is allowed to continue, many professionals can find themselves in the cycle of addiction which will adversely affect their personal lives and jeopardize their professional careers.

The Nebraska Department of Administrative Services has contracted with Best Care Employee Assistance Program to provide the Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program (NE LAP) services specifically for Nebraska health and health-related service licensees, certificate holders and registrants. A variety of professional alcohol/drug abuse and addiction assistance services are available for all health service professionals regulated by the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Licensure Unit. These services include:

  • Pre-License Alcohol/Drug Assessments (license applicants)
  • Alcohol/Drug Diagnostic and Recovery Assessments
  • Education, Counseling and Treatment Referral Assistance
  • Case Management and Monitoring
  • Education
    • Alcohol/Drug Abuse or Addiction Topics
    • Monthly Email Newsblasts
    • Quarterly Newsletters
    • Web Site

Confidential Services

A referral to the NE LAP is not the same as a report to the Nebraska Health and Human Services Division of Public Health. In some cases, individuals, employers and colleagues may be able to refer licensees to the NE LAP services without State involvement with licensure issues. Please see Nebraska’s Uniform Credentialing Act, specifically Neb. Rev. Stat. § 38-1,125 for exceptions to mandatory reporting.

Information made available to the NE LAP by the licensee can only be released with the licensee's written authorization, unless provision of information is required by state or federal law. A report does need to be made by the NE LAP to the State whenever it has been determined that a licensee’s continued practice would pose a danger to the public health and safety, or if the licensee fails to comply with his or her NE LAP treatment plan. 

Eligibility for Services

The NE LAP's alcohol/drug assessment, referral assistance and case management and monitoring services are available for individuals with an active health or health-related service license, certificate or registration in the State of Nebraska. We can also provide these professionals, and those who live or work with them, consultations or educational programs.

Value of Services

  • Resource for helping health service professionals overcome alcohol/drug abuse or addiction
  • Helps professionals have a higher treatment success rate
  • Increases public safety by monitoring treatment and aftercare compliance
  • Assists with potential return to work issues
  • Provides ongoing support to health service professionals, their families and colleagues
  • Provides immediate assistance if relapse occurs
  • Provides alcohol/drug information and education to health service professionals, their colleagues and employers


For more information, a consultation, or to schedule an assessment or educational presentation, please contact the NE LAP at (402) 354-8055 or (800) 851-2336. 

You can also see/print our Informational Brochure and Client Forms.